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Aura Glow Interio stands out as a truly unique furniture manufacturer, offering one-of-a-kind, custom made furniture. We are offering a full range of exclusive styles focused on developing dynamic interior environments, on both the commercial and residential levels. From designing to manufacturing, we explore the hidden potential of spaces through the ingenious introduction of different products.  We believe in using time-honored furniture building techniques balanced by today’s technology. This results in a unique environment where quality materials are transformed — by hand — into  Handcrafted-quality home furnishings.

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At Aura Glow Interio, we strive to bring fresh ideas and a new approach to furniture design. We specialize in making unique, high-quality solid wood epoxy tables with the natural look of the wood preserved as far as possible.

Epoxy as a material is tough yet has a delicate clear-water appearance. Used as a finish for a wood slab table, particularly an Acacia Wood Epoxy Table, it enhances the material’s natural color, grain and texture. In order to ensure that our epoxy resin tables are of the highest quality, we have perfected system and pioneered production technology. We use only the best epoxy for live edge tables as it is guaranteed non-toxic and long-lasting modern luxury furniture.

Key Features

1. Epoxy finish is equal to 60 coats of varnish and provides a gorgeous high gloss appearance.

2. Wood slabs kept its live edge and natural color.

3. Every table, is unique in its dimensions, naturally straight or irregular edges, wood species and natural imperfections.

4. As the nature of every tree is unique and unrepeatable, so every product that comes out of our workshop is special and unique.

5. You can order with the exact length and approximate width and thickness of table required.

6. Unlike most manufacturers, we do not mass produce, nor do we use mass produced wood. Our tables are made of wood with its natural look preserved.

AGI Finishing Process

Beyond the wood process, our finishing techniques is only the beginning. Each piece involves diligent steps- all hand applied- including inspection, prep sanding, layers of color, sealer coatings and hand scuff sanding.

Our products create a sense of depth in Table Tops and other wall décor products with glass like finish Topcoats provide the results of excellent clarity and beauty that feature a silky smoothness of an extremely durable finish. This non-yellowing post-cat epoxy is high in solids and used on our entire line of furniture.

Looking For Resellers, Distributors And E-Commerce Partners

AGI is an Indian company, with its office in the Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. With our management we supply you the highest quality product at a competitive price with an excellent service. At this moment AGI is expanding their network and we are looking for new partners, distributors, sales agents, wholesalers & retailers within India.

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